In 2014, Niklas Kramer of Berlin-based band Still Parade reached out to me across an ocean to write & direct the video for the release of his new single, ‘Fields’. I took a small crew with actors Amandine Thomas and J. Parker Wood up to the Beacon Hermitage in upstate New York on a cold winter day to shoot this beautiful memory-laced video.

“When we reflect on relationships past, it’s so easy to find the holes that lead to the end. The longing to do it over again, to do it right is persistent. Still Parade beautifully gathers these could-have-beens and should-have-saids in “Fields.” With time, they get further and further away. We are forced to take the aches and turn them into lessons.”

– Portals Music

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“If her song "Fields" of the two weeks before the network already knows is loaded, do you know how pathetic and touching it is. In the video, which will be no different, so keep back your tears when you look at it. This gives a whole new meaning NSFW. ”

– Noisey - Vice

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Directed by Joseph Marconi
Produced by Joseph Hansen, Danny Abbruzzesi, Joseph Marconi
Cinematography, Editing and Coloring by Joseph Marconi
Starring Amandine Thomas, J. Parker Wood 
Location Manager Joseph Hansen
Production Manager Danny Abbruzzesi
Styling by Jenny Louise Raskopf

4:28 | Color | Canon EOS Mark III | USA | 2014

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