Creative, Directing, Editing
Elyse told us the song was about accepting yourself as you are, and letting go of that need for acceptance from a lover who'll never see you the way you want them to. It was a theme I strongly related to. We quickly fell in love with the song and wanted to explore the distance within a lover's grasp through framing and dance. I'd just watched a video essay* published by Fandor on Paul Thomas Anderson about how he uses frames within frames to convey emotions which quickly became a central theme: allowing their actions to be contrasted directly by framing felt real to me as life often has an irreconcilable dichotomy to it. I was also extremely inspired by Kahlil Joseph's work in the music video for Flying Lotus's "Until The Quiet Comes" in which exquisite cinematography captures a recently murdered dancer return from the dead. Elyse's own choreography perfectly conveyed the emotions of desire moving into the acceptance of letting go.
"Not The Girl For You" by Elyse Cizek
Produced by Jason Lowrie at Good Villain Records
Shot on Canon C300, KOWA Anamorphics, Lee 153 Pale Salmon Gel over the Windows, Edited and colored in Adobe Premiere
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